Consumer protection and class action

The attorneys at Saeed & Little are highly experienced in consumer protection cases, including consumer collection defense, mortgage foreclosure defense, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations and Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Our attorneys have served clients in an individual capacity in consumer protections cases, and have successfully pursued class action cases against large financial institutions for consumer law violations.

Sexual Abuse

Our attorneys have represented victims of sexual abuse across the country, including athletes who were abused by their coaches. Sexual abuse is a horrible tragedy whenever it occurs, and there is nothing that can be done after the fact to truly right the wrong that has been committed. Our experience in this area includes but is not limited to handling cases where young people have been abused by priests and athletes who have been abused by swim coaches. Our attorneys are committed to handling sexual abuse cases with sensitivity while working to provide victims with every method of justice available under the law.

Personal Injury

When you have been injured in an accident, you’re thrown into a foreign world very quickly. One day you are living your life as normal, and the next day, you find yourself dealing with health problems, doctor visits, medical bills, and insurance companies.  We have helped many clients down this road before, and we are here to help. The attorneys at Saeed and Little are very experienced in personal injury matters, and offer a free consultation to anyone who thinks they may have a claim. Our personal injury representation is contingency fee based, which means that if we don’t obtain a settlement or judgment for you, then you will not have to pay attorney fees.

Student Rights

Disciplinary settings in an academic settings are very different from legal proceedings that take place in a courtroom. Students often find that traditional legal rights are denied to them by school procedures and handbooks.  Our attorneys have represented students who have been accused of academic misconduct and or of behavior misconduct, including Title IX proceedings, and we are here to help students through these situations. The consequences of academic disciplinary hearings often extend far beyond the classroom, so if you find yourself in such a proceeding, please seek legal advice.

Get Personal Attention from Saeed & Little

Saeed & Little provide every one of their clients with personal, unwavering, and tireless attention. From the moment you call until your case is concluded, you are treated with first-class client service. The central Indiana lawyers at Saeed & Little believe you have a right to the protections of the United States Constitution and rule of law, regardless of your income or social status.

“When I found out I was violated by my swim coach, I wanted an attorney who truly understood high level athletics. With Jon’s background as an athlete, I knew he was someone I could trust to handle my case. It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish over the last three years.”

Brooke TaflingerBig Ten Champion, record holder 400 IM, first USA Swimming Lawsuit Plaintiff

“I had dealt with many attorneys, but Ali has been the most efficient and dedicated attorney by far. His dedication got great results in the final outcome on my lawsuit with Bank of America.”

Delia Webster

“I was sued by the franchisor of my staffing business with a promise of closing me down and taking over my business. Jon Little prevailed in the litigation, and I was able to continue operating as an independent staffing firm. Jon worked with me on a very flexible payment plan for his fees and was very accessible to answer any questions or concerns about my business. I am very grateful, and appreciate everything Jon Little has done for me and my business. I would highly recommend Jon Little for any and all legal needs you may encounter.”

Karen McFarlandPresident, Total Resource Staffing

If you need help from an attorney,  I recommend calling Ali’s office because he will listen before he starts talking about money if any money is needed. He put in much work to bring my mortgage owners to court and forced them to correct my account.  Therefore, get the best and forget the rest!

Amin Makin