river Beware: the Hidden Costs of Traffic Tickets

From “36 in a 30” to “My license was revoked!” the attorneys at Saeed and Little can help you deal with the many headaches and repercussions of traffic tickets.

Receiving a traffic citation is undoubtedly annoying, but what most drivers don’t realize is the hidden costs associated with getting a traffic ticket. The truth is the ticket fine is only the beginning of the costs associated with receiving a traffic violation.

Yahoo! Finance recently posted an article* detailing a study completed by Insurance.com. The study analyzed 32,000 auto insurance policies sold in 2010 and the increased rates of those with a moving violation on their record. This study revealed the hidden expenses of moving violations. The following is the average increase in cost to an annual insurance premium due to a moving violation:

● one violation: $1,318; 18% increase in cost
● two violations: $1,497; 34% increase in cost
● three violations: $1,713; 53% increase in cost

Traffic violations that can cause these increases in insurance polices include speeding, running a red light, improper passing, making an unsafe U- turn, failing to yield or stop at a yield or stop sign, failing to use a child restraint, and careless or reckless driving. Indiana requires that all motor vehicle drivers carry car insurance, so there is no way around the increase in annual premium costs.

Your best opinion is to hire an attorney who can mitigate the severity of your ticket. At Saeed & Little, we represent people charged with traffic violations when driving for residential purposes and when driving for commercial purposes. We also have experience with the violations which a person would already know to hire an attorney: such as driving under the influence.

By hiring Saeed & Little, we will advocate on your behalf to lower the charges against you. This means fewer points on your record and less money you have to pay for your insurance premiums. We can also reach an agreement with the Prosecutor and Judge so you don’t have to go to Court.

* http://finance.yahoo.com/insurance/article/112802/speeding-tickets-insurance-cost-mainstreet

Debt Collection and TCPA Claims

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) is a vital litigation tool against debt collection and mortgage foreclosure actions. The Act has not gained much popularity amongst consumer protection attorneys and is rarely used for the benefit of consumers. Violations of TCPA are rampant in the debt collection industry and frequently go unpunished. The provision most often violated by debt collectors is 47 USC § 227 (b)(1) which disallows usage of automated dialing systems to call cell phones. However, said calls can be authorized and deemed in compliance with TCPA with an express consent from the debtor. The debtor may authorize the calls via an express consent if the only number provided to the creditor was the debtor’s cell phone contact. The issue is frequently raised by defense attorneys and hence it is always prudent to send a cease and desist letter to the creditor via certified mail. Following the receipt of this letter, any calls made via an automated dialing system to the debtor’s cell phone will be in violation of TCPA.

TCPA violations can be of significant help and consequence in loan modification negotiations and other debt collection litigations because the statute allows for recovery of $500 per violation. It is not uncommon for creditors to continually violate the provisions of this statute and expose themselves to thousands of dollars in statutory damages. The statute is not limited in its scope to debt collectors and is applicable to all creditors using automated dialing systems. Also note that when a debt collector is involved, a TCPA violation is often accompanied by an FDCPA claim (FDCPA claims, unlike TCPA claims, allow for recovery of attorneys’ fees).

The law has numerous safeguards and deterrents in place to protect consumers from harassment by debt collectors and creditors. If you feel that you have been a victim of such harassment please call our office for a free consultation.