Big Advantages of Hiring a Small Firm

Whether you are looking for a law firm to handle your business matters or a complicated personal situation, choosing a lawyer is a very important decision. You may be inclined to hire the over-sized, over-priced firm your grandfather used at a cost of $375 an hour, but an intelligent shopper should consider the many advantages of working with a small law firm.

Our country’s economic troubles have exaggerated the benefits of the small, responsible company. Big firms have incredible overhead expenses, and in an economic slump will find any way to bill as much revenue as possible from each client. If you’re trying to save money, this is terrible news. Small law firms generally use a much more reasonable fee structure, with billable hour and flat fee rates approximately half that of their bulky competitors.

In addition to a lower cost, smaller firms offer closer client relationships, easier access to attorneys, and a true passion for the quality of their work product. At Saeed & Little, our attorneys are almost always available by email or cell phone, and give their absolute best effort to each and every case. This personal touch will leave you confident and satisfied with your legal representation, all for a fraction of the big law price.

Resource: Adock, T. (2009). “Some small firms find smooth sailing though turbulent times”, New York Law Journal.