Occupy Indianapolis

For a month as of today, thousands of New Yorkers are participating in a powerful protest called Occupy Wall Street. The Occupy movement is gaining remarkable momentum and has spread across the country and around the globe. The basic message of the movement is to limit the political power of huge corporations and banks. The protestors disagree with government bahttp://indianainjuryaccidentlawyers.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpnk bailouts, corporate greed, and the influence corporate money has over elected officials. The protestors chant, “We are the 99%”, a slogan aimed at showing that only the wealthiest 1% of Americans make the country’s decisions and to their own benefit. The Occupy movement fights for many ideals such as government transparency, corporate responsibility, and education and opportunity for everyone.

The Occupy movement is now prominent in the capital city of Indiana. Hundreds of Hoosiers are involved in Occupy Indianapolis; they are protesting economic inequality by rallying outside of the Indiana Statehouse and Monument Circle. City officials have demanded that all protestors must remain standing – sleeping, setting up a tent, and blocking any building or roadway is forbidden.

Saeed & Little LLP supports the global Occupy movement and Occupy Indianapolis. We will be bringing coffee and pizza to hungry protestors. Also, if you are arrested during this rally for exercising your First Amendment rights, Saeed & Little LLP will represent you in the resulting criminal case free of charge (up to $1,500 of attorney fees).

Saeed & Little LLP is a law firm that fights for individual’s rights against unjust corporate practices. We believe in the value and strength of the 99%. We are the 99%.