Charlie White’s Right to Remain Silent

I will be the first to admit that ongoing Charlie White saga shows what a joke our political system has become (I need disclose that I donated to Mr. White’s campaign). As Secretary of State, Mr. White is charged with enforcing our voting laws. In Indiana, a state with extremely restrictive voter eligibility laws, pushed by the Republican Party, one would assume that the Republican candidate for that position would at least follow the very rules he was charged with enforcing. Mr. White’s arrogance in skirting those rules and subsequently refusing to resign speak to his character.

However the Democrats and their recent mailings, in particular their email blast sent out on February 2, 2012 shows they share Mr. White’s arrogance when it comes to respecting the laws that govern us.

“The setup: A disgraced Secretary of State is on criminal trial for voter fraud.
The prosecution lays out a carefully crafted case that clearly shows the state’s chief elections officer lived one place but voted in another, collecting a public salary while he perpetuated the lie.
It comes time for said Secretary of State to mount his criminal defense.
What does he have to say for his actions? How does he explain what happened and why he believes he didn’t violate state law?
The response: Silence.
This is no legal drama on the big screen. It’s happening right now in a Hamilton County courtroom with Indiana’s own embattled Secretary of State Charlie White.
Not only has Charlie disgraced the office he’s held for more than a year, but he’s got absolutely nothing to say for his actions.
A jury will begin deciding Charlie’s fate tomorrow, but this further validates what we’ve known all along: He’s an embarrassment to public service and our state, and it’s past time for Democrat Vop Osili, a respected business leader who’s committed to the office, to take over.
Vop has been rightfully declared the winner of the 2010 election. We need him in that job as soon as possible to make up for lost time, bring back a level of respect and dignity to an office sullied by Charlie’s recklessness.”

Mr. White has the right to remain silent. It is one of the most important rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights. The Democratic email blast criticizes Mr. White for exercising his constitutional rights, while at the same time advocating that their candidate will protect those very same rights better than Mr. White did. If the Democrats were truly looking out for the best interests of Hoosiers, they would not criticize the accused for asserting their rights, while at the same time saying they will be the better party to protect those rights. We must always respect the right of all to avail themselves of the protections of the Constitution, even when the accused so flagrantly disregarded the rule of law.