Obama’s Executive Order on Arbitration a Win for Consumers

“Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” was signed as an executive order by President Obama last week, and with it comes the restoration of rights to millions of employees. In the recent past, many corporations, businesses and contracts have embedded language deep into the fine print that forces any disputes to be settled with an arbitrator as opposed to a judge in the standard judicial system. While arbitration can and does have a valid place in conflict resolution, the fact that multi-million dollar corporations have been able to avoid the accountability and responsibility of a fair and proper attempt at adjudication by all parties is simply not fair. Thanks to this executive order, corporations worth more than $1 million will now have established accountability in place that disallows these forced arbitration. Additionally, the order will also remove the prohibition of employees engaging in class-action lawsuits. For more information about this significant development, check out http://publicjustice.net/content/slate-story-obamas-federal-worker-rules