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Mortgage Servicing Violations and Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act

The Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act can be used for Mortgage Servicing Violations. While the statute specifically excludes “consumer transactions involving real property”, mortgage servicing likely does not fall within the definition of a “consumer transaction involving real property” pursuant to Indiana Law. In McKinney v. State that Indiana Supreme Court held that construction contracts were not […]

Are you having problems with escrow refunds and payoff balances?

Refinancing your existing mortgage can often render unwanted and unexpected results. In our experience many Mortgage Companies commit errors when calculating pay off balances, settlement charges or when issuing escrow refunds. Consumers have to be especially vigilant to ensure that the refinancing does not result in accounting inaccuracies and charges are not duplicated. When refinancing […]

Saeed and Little files suit against Anthem for failing to provide ABA treatment for autistic child.

For years, children suffering from severe autism had few therapeutic options for meaningful improvement. Treatment options were limited and largely unproven. Today, however, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is widely recognized as one of the safest and most effective treatments for autism and has been endorsed by numerous state and federal agencies, including the U.S. […]

Identity Theft and the FCRA

Identity theft is a very real and scary issue for citizens. Every year, 15 million people are affected, involving over $50 billion in damages. It is important to take basic precautions and securities to guard against victimization of identity theft, and to be diligent in monitoring your credit score, personal records, and financial statements. If […]

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has filed a large number of lawsuits against consumers in Indiana regarding student loans

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has filed a large number of lawsuits against consumers in Indiana concerning student loans. These lawsuits are often deficient for a wide variety of reasons. In our experience, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is rarely ever able to prove that it has the right to collect on the student loan debt […]

Bank of America pays out over $32 million in Telephone Consumer Protection Act case

In 2014, Mr. Saeed worked on behalf of over 7 million class-action members against Bank of America, who was accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The bank infringed upon the rights and protections of these individuals by making countless harassing phone calls to consumers’ cell phones. In what amounted to be the largest […]

ABC News airs story on creditor harassment

Recently, ABC News aired a story on creditor harassment by Bank of America. The story from ABC World News reported on creditor harassment by creditors, more specifically Bank of America. The story also reported on the case of Mehran Valiyi which is currently being handled by Ali Saeed, a Partner at Saeed & Little, LLP. […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Insurance Coverage

Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Indiana are being denied coverage for therapies otherwise mandated by state law. (State Mandate: http://iga.in.gov/static-documents/0/e/0/d/0e0d26fd/TITLE27_AR8_ch14.2.pdf) Such therapies include therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which are highly effective and recommended by the State Surgeon General. However, insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield have taken […]