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Loser Pays: Anti-American

Idaho will become the first state to require that the losing side in a law suit pays the prevailing sides attorney fees. http://media.spokesman.com/documents/2016/12/HofferVShappard.pdf A major difference between the American legal system and the other common law systems in the world (England, Canada, Australia to name a few) is that in America each side pays their own […]

Issues with Indiana public defense system

Yesterday the Sixth Amendment Center in Boston, released a study (http://sixthamendment.org/indiana-report/) confirming what all Indiana criminal defense lawyers have known for years- that Indiana has no meaningful system of public defense. For years Indiana Courts have consciously ignored the inadequate and shamefully conflicted system of public defense currently in place in most Indiana Counties. (http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/10/24/indianas-public-defender-system-flawed-study-says/92691546/) […]

There is a lack of jury trials in the American Court System

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/08/nyregion/jury-trials-vanish-and-justice-is-served-behind-closed-doors.html?smid=pl-share&_r=0 This is a great piece in the NY Times today about the lack of jury trials in the American court system. Things are even worse in Indiana, where our Supreme Court justices have warned of lack of jury trials for years. (http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/jury-verdicts-rare-in-indiana-courtrooms/article_d7ad0226-25d1-5acb-adda-b8e4ed4aaed6.html) The NY Times cites Federal mandatory minimums – which are really a […]

Saeed and Little, LLP Works To Ensure That All Young Athletes Have An Olympic Sports Experience Free From Sexual Exploitation

Jonathan Little and Jessica Wegg have worked with lawyers around the world to rid the Olympic Sports movement of coaches who are known to have molested children. This morning, based on information provided in part by Saeed and Little, LLP, Gannett newspapers across the country publicly exposed the shameful history of USA Gymnastics. Based in […]

Debtor’s Prison

The United States Department of Justice is recommending that state courts not jail people for failing to pay fines (http://www.wthr.com/story/31460931/justice-dept-states-shouldnt-jail-over-fine-nonpayment); sadly jailing people for failing to pay fines, court costs, probation fees, etc. is common practice in Indiana. It is even scarier when a state’s criminal “justice” system becomes a collection apparatus for corporations. In […]

Park Tudor Parents: Don’t Call Barnes and Thornburg, Call The U S Attorney

WTHR report that Barnes and Thornburg is taking over the investigation at Park Tudor reeks of cover up. (http://www.wthr.com/story/31213033/park-tudor-board-launches-investigation-into-allegations-against-former-coach) Park Tudor and Barnes want to control the flow of information; they both know better. Instead of encouraging parents to call Barnes with information about child abuse, Park Tudor and Barnes should be encouraging parents to […]

Post Conviction Relief

Millions of people have become aware of the legal proceeding called Post Conviction Relief following Making A Murder. Post Conviction proceedings are the last chance a convicted person has to introduce new evidence, raise new defenses, or seek a declaration that their trial counsel was ineffective. Last summer the United States Supreme Court ruled that […]