Saeed and Little, LLP Works To Ensure That All Young Athletes Have An Olympic Sports Experience Free From Sexual Exploitation

Jonathan Little and Jessica Wegg have worked with lawyers around the world to rid the Olympic Sports movement of coaches who are known to have molested children. This morning, based on information provided in part by Saeed and Little, LLP, Gannett newspapers across the country publicly exposed the shameful history of USA Gymnastics. Based in Indianapolis, USA Gymnastics is the governing body of American gymnastics that has, for years, allowed coaches it knew to be pedophiles to continue coaching and endangering children.

We will continue to work hard to expose organizations, not just in sports, but in churches, schools, scouts, and in any organization that serves youth. We are proud to give a voice to children molested and exploited by organizations like USA Gymnastics.  We urge anyone watching the Olympics to remember the untold number of children molested by coaches in USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming, and USA Taekwondo.

Marvin Sharp, USA Gymnastics “Elite” Coach Arrested for Child Molestation

Once again, an Indianapolis coach is in the news for child molestation.

Marvin Sharp, owner of Sharp Gymnastics and an “elite gymnastics coach,” was arrested after the Crimes Against Children unit of the IMPD raided his home Sunday evening. According to, Sharp’s “list of accomplishments is long, including USA Artistic Coach of the year [and] USA Gymnastics Elite National Coach of the Year.” According to the USA Gymnastics website, he also coached the 2009 World All Around Champion.

I’m sick for the parents who trusted their sons and daughters to this man, but sadly, I am not surprised by his actions. Although most of my work has focused on abusive coaches in swimming, we know that this happens in every sport. And we know that the NGBs for each different sport know about it, too. It isn’t that coaches have all of a sudden started abusing their athletes — it’s just that they’re starting to get caught.

Although there are very few details about what exactly Marvin Sharp did to get himself arrested for child molestation, we can make some general assumptions. The betrayal that his athletes and their families will feel, particularly those involved, is surely immense. If my child went to Sharp Gymnastics, I would feel not only betrayed, but hurt, pissed off, disgusted, and I’d probably feel a little guilty for not seeing it coming. But this is not the parents’ fault, and it is most certainly not the fault of a child, adolescent, or teenager. This is Marvin Sharp’s fault, and any adults in USA Gymnastics who knew or suspected something, but did nothing because Marvin Sharp produced World Champion gymnasts (and I KNOW they’re out there), are no less culpable.


Sexually abusive coaches in the news

The psychoanalytic term is sublimation. It means taking a socially unacceptable impulse and turning it into something socially acceptable or productive. A classic example is a child who has an impulse to cut the tails off of dogs might grow up to become a surgeon. Unfortunately, the example I see over and over again is a pedophile who becomes a coach – it’s a socially acceptable way to be around kids.

Every now and then, I Google “coach abuse” to see what comes up. Sadly, a lot has been going on in the last few weeks:

In Cooper City, Florida, a youth baseball coach, David Solomon, has been arrested for lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual assault. “Authorities say two 11-year-old boys have accused the 47-year-old Solomon, their former baseball coach, of molesting them on multiple times.”[1] In 2000, he had been charged with a similar crime, but the charges were later dropped.[2]

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, “A former diving coach [Patrick Fatta] for two local high schools . . . admitted to having child pornography and sexually abusing a pre-teen.”[3] The child pornography investigation began last year, and it was during the course of that investigation that the “police discovered Fatta touched a girl at his home between 2009 and 2013 . . . .”[4]

Only a few months ago, we first started hearing about Joseph Michael Diaz, a swim coach and teacher who has been molesting young boys for years.

Kids and parents trust coaches. They are particularly vulnerable to that trust, and predatory coaches will always exploit it. It is never acceptable.









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USA Swimming

I represent several young Plaintiffs who are victims of sexual abuse by their USA Swimming coaches. With a team of skilled attorneys, we have filed lawsuits around the country to expose and improve the corrupt USA Swimming sexual molestation policies and compensate the innocent victims.

Deep Deceptions (2010) by Justine McCarthy details the sexual abuse scandal in Irish competitive swimming that was exposed in the early 1990’s. The story of sex abuse and molestation in Ireland’s swimming association is eerily similar to the current situation in USA Swimming. In the Emerald Isle, multiple coaches molested hundreds of young swimmers from at least the late 1960’s on.

The authoritarian culture of swimming in Ireland made it extremely taboo for athletes to question coaches. The national governing body, Swim Ireland, intentionally swept the problem under the rug and stifled the investigation of the few complaints that were made. Swimmers in Ireland believed that Mr. Gibney (who could barely swim himself) and his fellow coaches/molesters held the keys to their Olympic dreams. Parents did not even believe their own children when they alleged abuse; the parent boards that governed, sanctioned and endorsed swim clubs almost without exception backed the coach whenever he was accused.

Much like Ken Stopkotte and Mike Saltzstein in the US, the Irish swimming federation did move to discredit and harass the brave whistle blowers.
Gary O’Toole, an Irish Olympian, finally came forward and revealed that George Gibney, the Irish Olympic coach, had not only attempted to molest him as a young swimmer, but also had molested dozens of young swimmers prior to him. Chalkie White, another former Irish international swimmer,(who also swam at Villanova University) came forward and publicly accused Mr. Gibney. Mr. O’Toole, now an orthopedic surgeon, was cast out by Irish swimming. During the Barcelona Olympics, Mr. Gibney criticized Mr. O’Toole on Irish public television and Mr. White was fired from his coaching position.

Any criminal who operates for decades without detection will be emboldened to press his luck. In Irish swimming it was an open secret that coaches such as Mr. Gibney sexually molested countless young swimmers. Just like in the US, where molester coaches are still coaching, Mr. Gibney and others continued to coach for decades, despite numerous allegations of sexual abuse. The arrogance with which molester coaches openly operated in Ireland mirrors the current culture in the United States where numerous coaches, well known in the swimming community for molesting young athletes, continue to coach.

The culture of competitive swimming needs to change. Presently in the US and across the world, swimmers of all levels are taught never to question their coaches. Parents and swimmers alike are drawn into an authoritarian system of insanely early morning practices and 5 day long swim meets. Parents, swimmers, coaches, and officials need to take a step back and decide what the proper place of sports is in a young person’s life. Swimming is a sport that should teach young athletes confidence, responsibility, and independence. Competitive sports should teach our youth that there is a direct correlation between their preparation and hard work, and their end results. You cannot fake the level of fitness and skill necessary to achieve top performances in the pool. Swimmers need to wake up and realize that they alone own their performances. No particular coach has the exclusive ability to maximize your potential. Swimmers: Question authority, it is for your own safety.
If you or a loved one has been molested by a coach in any sport, please contact local law enforcement, and please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.