ABC News airs story on creditor harassment

Recently, ABC News aired a story on creditor harassment by Bank of America. The story from ABC World News reported on creditor harassment by creditors, more specifically Bank of America. The story also reported on the case of Mehran Valiyi which is currently being handled by Ali Saeed, a Partner at Saeed & Little, LLP. Mr. Saeed has successfully litigated several cases involving creditor harassment by creditors and debt collection companies. Mr. Saeed was also a counsel of record for one of the largest class action creditor harassment lawsuits against Bank of America. If you are being harassed and are a victim of abusive collections practices please contact Saeed & Little, LLP.

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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy


Many distressed homeowners facing foreclosure are often directed by attorneys to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. These homeowners are often advised that their credit score has hit rock bottom and a Chapter 13 filing will be inconsequential. While a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a viable option in specific circumstances, it is not always necessary. Many loan mortgage servicers commit egregious accounting blunders and numerous regulatory violations. These violations and blunders can often be used to file a countersuit against Mortgage Companies and Loan Servicers. These counter-suits often result in affordable loan modifications for homeowners without ever filing Bankruptcy or destroying their credit history. Additionally, attorneys can often successfully include a provision mandating a retraction of all negative reporting from the loan servicer to the credit bureaus (for failure to make monthly mortgage payments or the foreclosure filing) as part of the settlement agreement. Hence you not only walk away with a loan modification but also a clean credit history.

Many homeowners will be skeptical about their chances of reaching the described settlements. However, the truth is that regulatory violations and accounting errors are prevalent and often present in a majority of mortgage contracts. The hard task is not to find the violation but an attorney who will recognize these violations. Your typical foreclosure mill attorney is not knowledgeable about consumer protection laws and will generally fail to leverage all legal avenues to save your house. The trick is to find a local consumer protection attorney like myself for your foreclosure defense. You may find a consumer protection attorney in your area by visiting the website for National Association for Consumer Advocates at:

A Chapter 13 filing is not your only option for saving your home if you are in default. The life altering decision to file for Bankruptcy should be informed and not based on assumptions and suggestions from ill-advised attorneys. A consumer protection attorney may assist you in making a decision about whether a Bankruptcy filing is in fact necessary to save your home.