Cell Phone Harassment and Chase

TCPA Violation by CHASE
Mortgage Servicers can many a times be the most egregious violators of Telephone Consumer Protection Act. A typical scenario would look something like the example below:
Jane Doe was falling behind on her Mortgage and had to file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Her Mortgage Servicer was Chase Bank. She included the Mortgage in her Chapter 13 Plan. However, despite the automatic stay, Chase continued to call her cell phone. Jane continually advised Chase to stop calling and contact her Bankruptcy Counsel. However, Chase refused to pay any heed to her requests.
The above scenario is a common occurrence for many homeowners filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If Chase is calling your cell-phone without your consent, each call is a violation possibly resulting in statutory damages between $500 to $1500 per call. We are currently looking for victims of Statutory Violations to represent them on a contingency fee basis. Please call us immediately if you believe that you are a victim and wish to take the fight back to the Banks.

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