TCPA Class Action against Chase

Saeed and Little, LLP in collaboration with a few other national firms has filed a class action for Telephone Consumer Protection Act violations against Chase (Case 1:12-cv-05510 Gehrich v. CHASE BANK, USA, N.A.). The law suit stems from several un-authorized phone calls placed by Chase Bank to a cell phone owned by Mr. Gehrich. These calls were made in an attempt to collect a debt owed to Chase Bank. As per TCPA, creditors and debt collectors are prohibited from using automated dialing systems to call cell phone numbers without the consent of the cell phone owner. In the instance a consent was given, said consent can be revoked via a cease and desist letter, bankruptcy filing and possible a verbal request.
If you have encountered a similar situation with your bank or a debt collector, please contact Saeed and Little, LLP to inquire about your legal options.

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