In 2007, Jon Little started a private practice in Flagstaff, Arizona with the goal of providing passionate legal services to those typically swept down the conveyor belt of the American justice system. In 2009, Ali Saeed began working with Jon, and in 2011, they became partners. Today, Saeed & Little, LLP has attorneys licensed in Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, and Ontario, Canada, all zealously fighting to ensure that justice is not meted out a sliding economic scale.

Saeed & Little only represents individuals and small businesses. We help our clients fight against the corporate and, increasingly, governmental powers that are infringing on their rights. We strive to use our passion and training to create systematic change.

We are particularly proud of the work we have done on behalf of athletes who have been sexually abused by coaches in the United States Olympic Sports movement. In 2008, we filed the first sexual abuse case against United States Swimming; a case that would ultimately result in the exposure of decades of sexual abuse by the coaches sanctioned by that organization.

Saeed & Little has also successfully represented dozens of clients in disputes against the largest corporations in America; corporations like Bank of America, Chase Bank, Audi, and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. In 2012, we obtained the two largest Telephone Consumer Protection Act settlements in the history of the United States against Chase and Bank of America.