Indiana Truck Accident attorneys Syed Ali Saeed & Jonathan Little fight to hold truckers and trucking companies responsible for the harm they cause by negligent or reckless driving. Trucking accidents can be caused by any number of factors, including driver error, fatigue, intoxication or faulty brakes and tires. All of those causes point to negligence on the part of the 18-wheeler driver or trucking company. If you have been hurt in a large truck accident, the tractor trailer accident lawyers at Saeed & Little can help you receive the justice and financial compensation you deserve. When truck accidents occur, trucking companies often send representatives to the accident scene to confront accident victims immediately following the event, when they are most vulnerable. You need someone on your side. If you are a victim of an auto accident with a commercial truck or tractor-trailer — NOW is the time to contact Indiana Truck Accident attorneys Syed Ali Saeed & Jonathan Little.