Numerous Deaths & Injuries May Be Linked to Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Practices

At least four patients have died while under the care of Narconon in Oklahoma and many more have suffered severe injuries at numerous Narconon Drug Rehabilitation facilities around the world. Narconon International is an organization which promotes L. Ron Hubbard’s theories of substance abuse treatment, while falsely claiming to offer secular substance abuse therapy. 

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you already know what Narconon is — and more importantly, what it is not. In any case, here’s a brief overview of this duplicitous organization. Narconon purports to be an in-patient drug rehabilitation facility offering high-quality drug intervention programs with extensive counseling services. Patients often get referred to Narconon from supposedly independent “help lines” on the Internet. Narconon tells patients, or just as often, patients’ family members, that they offer state-of-the-art drug treatments and scientifically proven methods of counseling. Some prospective clients are told that Narconon has a 70-80 % drug treatment success rate. Narconon also promises that these treatments will be administered in a safe, clean environment.

But when patients enter the treatment program, after having paid approximately $30,000.00, they discover they’ve been duped. Patients are instructed to undergo absurd “treatments” such as staring at an ashtray for several hours, or staring into another patient’s eyes without talking for extended periods of time. The centerpiece of Narconon’s program is its weeks-long sauna treatment. Patients are instructed to ingest extreme dosages of Niacin and other vitamins — well above what the FDA recommends — and sit in a sauna for very long periods of time. Patients are coerced into signing an acknowledgement that the sauna program is not, in fact, a medical treatment, but is actually an educational program. Most troublesome is the fact that there is no medical supervision of any kind for the patients.

Most of Narconon’s treatments come from Scientology. The sauna program, for example, comes from an L. Ron Hubbard book about detoxification and appears to be the same as a Scientology ritual known as the “Purification Rundown.” (Hubbard’s ideas about detoxification have not withstood scrutiny from the medical community, and have been criticized as dangerous.) Many of the books patients are instructed to read during the Narconon program are books based on Church of Scientology teachings. Narconon does not disclose to patients before entering its program that many of its programs are based on teachings from the Church of Scientology.

Narconon uses a “bait and switch” tactic to prey on families in their time of need. When families truly need to get help for a loved one suffering from drug addiction, Narconon offers pseudo-science and potentially dangerous treatment methods. Worst of all, patients and families do not find about Narconon’s methods until patients are already in the program

Please contact Saeed and Little, LLP immediately if you or your loved one is currently at a Narconon facility or has been injured at a Narconon treatment center.